Fruits to Include in Diet to Eliminate Toxins and Lose Weight

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If you have good health, it can help you feel better and remove away extra weight. Many people tend to reserve a day to eat only fruits as they believe that this is a healthy habit and helps eliminate toxins, and they surely have a valid point. The fruits they eat are rich in water, vitamins, minerals and fiber and also contain carbohydrates; the carbohydrates are rapidly absorbed and they provide some energy to the body, so you have to make your choices with caution.

Process to Follow the Diet of Fruits a Day

You have to eat for one day in a week 4 to 6 servings of fresh fruits and a serving equals one piece, for example, apples, pears, a slice of melon, watermelon, a cup of strawberries, cherries, etc. Choose the ones you like and it is better if the selected fruits are in season.

It only takes a day because it is low in calories and energy, so you could put your health at risk and create serious nutritional problems if the diet is prolonged.

Fruit Diet for One Week

There is also the alternative of a cleansing diet from week to week on the basis of protein and fruits. This is a very strict, low-calorie weight destroyer and risky plan and should not be followed if you are not in good health .
It is not recommended for pregnant women, people with eating disorders and in times of stress.
You must lead active life and make this diet in the summer for better results; in case you feel weak or dizzy, discontinue it on immediate basis.
It is obvious that all diets do not work the same way in all people, so I recommend you to talk to your doctor and ask if you are is in a proper state of health to follow the fruit diet.

Complete Menu and Steps

After each meal, you add two pieces of fruit in lunch and dinner and one piece of fruit in breakfast and should drink plenty of water, at least two liters, and herbal tea such as the rooibos tea or mint tea. Sugary drinks should not be consumed and the consumption of stimulants should be avoided too. It cannot be followed for more than five days.


A slice of bread or a bowl of cereal + a piece of fruit + herbal tea


Lunch: a fillet of baked white fish
Dinner: a boiled egg


Lunch: grilled salmon
Dinner: three slices of nonfat cheese


Lunch: Grilled turkey steak
Dinner: Three slices of beef


Lunch: Tuna Steak
Dinner: Omelet


Lunch: Grilled chicken without skin
Dinner: 2 natural yoghurts

The Allowed Fruits

All fruits do not contain the same concentration of sugar, so there are some more desirable than others. In this diet, the most recommended fruits are pineapple, oranges and grapefruits more healthy tips here TheFreshReviews.Com.

The Prohibited Fruits

Bananas, mamey and avocado should be avoided.

Nutritional Advice

Eating fruit is beneficial and a balanced diet helps the body to activate its own mechanism of natural purification and keeping the weight in ideal proportion.


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