Different Types of Residential Window Tints

Different Types of Residential Window Tints

Window tint for buildings is an excellent choice for reducing a home’s temperature, providing UV ray protection, and increasing privacy. But there are various window tints, and homeowners must ensure that the one they picked offers the right features for their home and budget. Here are the most popular variants of window tints:

UV Window Film

This is one of the most window tinting Anaheim’s residential films. This material’s significance is that it can block 99% of harmful UV rays. Protecting against this matter is important, considering it causes skin cancer and damages upholsteries. Hence, many consumers like it because they do not need to close their curtains and blinds to cover the sun’s damaging beam.

Security Window Film

This material reinforces the house’s vulnerable access against bulgar, natural disasters, and other threats. A home should be someone’s safe place. Thus, homeowners must guarantee they purchase this type of window film to prevent future problems since its feature deters any attempt break-ins and reduces flying glass shards.

Frosted Window Film

One of the popular window films with enhanced privacy is the frosted window film. It is famous to many homeowners, considering its elegant appearance. Moreover, it helps certain areas discrete. Most individuals utilize this material in the bathroom, but they can also apply this to bedrooms or the music room, depending on a person’s liking.

Mirrored Window Film

This reflective tint is the protagonist of the most favorable pigment. It can be expensive, though; however, it is also beneficial since it is a two-way mirror where the people inside can see the outside view. On the other hand, the individuals outside can only see a reflection.

These are the most common residential window films homeowners can choose from. Nonetheless, what are the common factors these materials could offer, and why is it highly recommended to purchase?

Discover all the reasons why residential window tinting is important in the infographic below, created and designed by OC Tintz: