Essential Dos and Don’ts for Booking a Villa in Antigua

Is it your first time heading to the Caribbean? Or is it your first time booking luxury holiday accommodation in Antigua? Regardless of the reason, you are most likely reading this article because you need tips on how to book a villa properly.


Your decision to consult a guide before deciding on a villa with a jacuzzi suite with an ocean view is wise. There are dozens of villa rentals in Antigua, most of which offer bookings through dedicated online platforms. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free reservation, below are the dos and don’t to remember:

The Dos of Booking a Villa in Antigua

1. Compare Various Rentals

The excitement of arriving in Antigua and beginning your tropical adventure can make you impatient. Don’t let the thrill get in the way of your decision-making; take a moment to relax and weigh your options. Comparing various luxury villa rentals will let you determine which accommodation can answer your needs while maintaining a decent price offer.

2. Talk to Your Travel Advisor

It can be difficult to trust online sources. We have heard so many horror stories that the villa looks nothing like the one advertised on the internet. Instead of letting random online pictures decide your booking, talk to a trustworthy travel agent who can guide you and recommend suitable options according to your criteria.

3. Ask Questions

Talking directly to the villa rental is an essential step in your booking goals. Even with the assistance of a travel agent, asking the rental provider questions will help you further understand their offers. For instance, you can ask them the frequency of housekeeping, if groceries are pre-stocked, or if the pool is heated.

The Don’ts of Booking a Villa in Antigua

1. Wait Last Minute

Some tourists have the habit of booking accommodation at the last minute, which is a bad idea. In places like Antigua, there are peak seasons when luxury villas are fully booked across the island. Don’t take your chances; book as soon as you find one that matches your expectations.

2. Forget Crucial Details

Even if the villa looks gorgeous and their services are seemingly complete, you shouldn’t click book immediately. Make it a habit to check important details like the location, inclusions, hidden fees, and accessibility. The last thing you want to happen is getting marooned in a luxurious villa far from the nearest restaurants, shops, and the airport.

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