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Improving Your Sales Promotions with Newton

Sales promotions have become a crucial part of every customer’s purchasing decision. They are made to encourage customers to make a purchase or request more information about the product that the company wants to sell. If companies want to gain an advantage over their competitors, they need to invest in their sales promotions as different marketing strategies throughout every industry have been implemented. What can help a company stand out in their field is the implementation of electronic shelf labels.

As the world moves into a more digitally advanced and efficient space, these electronic shelf labels can be the key to improving sales promotions as they make the shopping experience of customers more fun. SOLUM is a company that offers electronic shelf labels powered by their new and improved system called Newton. Newton introduces a new level of performance for businesses as it has features that are capable of enhancing sales promotion executions with its digital price tag display and other features.

First of all, Newton has a high-resolution and high-end display that can definitely catch the eye of a curious customer. Newton also supports location-based services as it shows the location of promotional products. In a world where everything is slowly going digital, Newton can take your services to the digital realm with its built-in NFC. It lets customers link their phones to the company’s online website and download a digital coupon. With these coupons, customers can get more discounts and get more for their budget.

Newton also has an interactive button with excellent customer service. With this interactive button, customers can call the store staff if they have any questions about the products they are promoting. These are just some of the advantages that Newton can bring to a company. If you want to learn more, here is an infographic by SOLUM, your trusted company when it comes to shelf edge labels.

5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions