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Optimistic Companies Should be Doing SEO

The global pandemic has placed the world into an economic downturn as countries were in lockdowns. Consequently, these have led to disruptions on the worldwide supply chain, reduced manufacturing and retail activities, significant fall of stocks on global stock markets, and increased unemployment rates in various countries.


The coronavirus pandemic’s ripple effect has led some to think that the economy is forever altered and that their business will not survive. Therefore, as some companies are unsure of the future, they have relaxed or completely suspended their business growth and marketing initiatives. However, this is not the case for all businesses. Other more optimistic companies have continued their marketing efforts, thinking that continuing and increasing marketing and growth initiatives during these uncertain times is an investment for the future.


During the lockdowns, many businesses have realized the value of a substantial online presence and sought to launch their first website or optimize and re-launch their existing website. Having a website can boost a company’s online presence and also generate new leads or e-commerce sales.


Accordingly, businesses can market their goods and services more efficiently and conveniently by implementing digital marketing strategies. Companies can reach their target markets through social media marketing, email marketing, paid search display ads, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Implementing SEO online marketing techniques will allow firms to optimize their websites to make them search-engine friendly, resulting in the site to be easily found in Google or Bing searches. However, optimizing the website to increase its ranking and visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) is not a once and done thing and is not done by only one person.


Businesses often hire companies that offer SEO internet marketing services to improve their visibility rank to search engine users by optimizing their websites’ layout, contents, navigation, and loading speed.


Moreover, continuing marketing activities, particularly SEO, will better position the business when the coronavirus crisis is behind us and the economy has recovered. This infographic by Landau Consulting details why SEO is a solid investment in the future of a business.