Things You Need to Know About Pearls

Pearls are one of the most beautiful examples of Mother Nature’s magic. This beautiful gem is a by-product of shelled animals. Through the help of an irritant and the nacre comes the formation of pearls. However, not all shelled animals can yield pearls, and the creation of these sea gems take a long time. This is why pearls are considered a rare gem and sold in the market at a high price.

Back in the day, pearls used to symbolise a lot of things. One of which is a person’s status and nobility. During the olden times, only the wealthy, influential, and royal people can afford pearls, which is why pearls are mostly incorporated in jewellery, clothes, crown, and rare pieces of art. But as time progressed, humans have found a way to involve themselves in creating pearls and have discovered pearl farms. This innovation made pearls available to more people.

Types of Pearls

These days pearls are sold at different prices. The costs of pearls depend on how they were formed and harvested. Natural pearls are sold expensively because they require more time to be created. On the other hand, there are cultured pearls. Although these pearls are also naturally made, they are formed through the help of pearl farmers.

Like natural and cultured pearls, Imitation pearls are also sold in the market and are often used to create pearl jewellery. However, when it comes to creation, imitation pearls are artificially made. And among all the pearls, these are the cheapest ones as they are made of plastic or glass. In contrast, South Sea pearls are the most treasured and the most expensive.

There are also Freshwater and Akoya Pearls. And lastly, there is also Tahitian pearls or also known as black pearls.

If you check what is on the trend these days, you can probably see pearls on the list. Gone are the days that they are reserved for the older ladies. Today, you can mix and match these sea gems with chain necklaces and create excellent layering. Apart from this, pearls are also used to create fabulous personalised jewellery UK. This kind of jewellery often comes with charms where you can have your message or initials engraved.

If you want to know more about pearls, from their history to their types, you can check this infographic from Charming Jewellery Store.

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