online marketing

Website + SEO = Growth

Business growth is dependent on the quality of the business’s online presence is since people now use the internet to look for what they need. Having an online presence is a necessary first step for small businesses to expand and compete with more prominent brands.

Without a website, most people will not find a business unless they already frequented it before. Even small local businesses can have a hard time competing with each other when their new target customers cannot find them online. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, more people are now relying on the internet to look for the services they need.

People use search engines like Google and Bing and search for “local donut shop,” “best donuts New Jersey,” “tasty NJ donuts,” and other similar terms to look for the best donut shop in New Jersey. A donut shop will first need to have a well-established online presence and an effective digital marketing campaign to ensure that people can find them online.

Business owners can rely on a web development company in New Jersey to build their websites and ensure that they are mobile-friendly since many people access the internet through their mobile phones. For the digital marketing campaign, businesses can trust an internet marketing company NJ to handle the campaign and use search engine optimization to improve the site’s ranking.

Most small businesses do not have the time and resources necessary to develop their sites and ensure that they are up-to-date while also executing a digital marketing campaign. The small business can focus on their core processes while ranking high in the search engine results pages until they reach page one when they depend on both a web design company and an SEO company. SEO is critical in ensuring that the site will stay on page one without using paid ads.

For more information, see this infographic by Landau Consulting.