What are the Factors that Affect the Price of Tint Films?

When it comes to benefits installing car window tints has a lot to offer car owners. These perks reduce glare, UV rays, privacy, safety, and aesthetics. This is why so many vehicle owners invest. Tint films, like all investments, can sometimes be costly.

Ask specialists at a window tinting Rochester, MN company for a price estimate on window tints. Here are some factors that influence the price of tint films.

Your vehicle’s class and model

When installing a car window tint, the price can vary on the type of tint you want to install and the kind of vehicle you may have.

The size of your car windows can also affect the tint price as some windows are standard-sized, while others are larger than the norm. These include back windows that have a higher angle or more prominent curvature.

The number of Windows you wanted to be tinted

If you’re on a tight budget, it would be vital to finalize first the number of windows your car you want to get tinted. The price and installation time will vary on how many windows you want to apply the film to.

Types of car window tint

If you’re new to car window tinting, it would be better to explore first on different types of tints listed below.

  1. Dye: This is the darkest color and is made by mixing dyes with a polymer.
  2. Metal: It can be attached to a variety of different metals. It can significantly reduce heat.
  3. Hybrid: A mixture of metal and dyed tints.
  4. Crystalline: This is an infrared heat barrier that doesn’t darken the windows.
  5. Ceramic: This is the latest advancement in automotive tinting technology. It uses nano-ceramics that absorb more heat.

You can ask a professional such as those at a Davis tinting company for help deciding which one is best for you.


The price of the tint film and the service also differ if you have a warranty. Some service providers offer lifetime warranties, while others have a one-year warranty.

UV Protection Level

Window tints are known to provide a protective layer to keep you from harmful UV rays; however, the product’s price also varies on the level of protection you want. Auto window tinting with high levels of UV heat protection is more expensive. It is worth it if you think about it. You will be safer, and you will be protecting your health.

Window Tint Replacement

The cost of your new tint will increase if you have an older car window tint. The tint’s type and age can also impact the price of your new car tint. This will result in a higher price. While it may be possible to conduct a DIY tint installation, still vital to consider hiring a professional to do the work, as tinting can be complex and time-consuming

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